Finally coming home…


March 31, 2014 by dian/nna

I casually read this article today. Much like the day I casually came across ‘The God Box‘, and was forever changed by it.

The story really resonates with me. I grew up moving around every few years, traveling to amazing places, and experiencing exciting things. I made new friends every new place I lived (and through the magic of Facebook I’m still friends with most of them). I loved each new neighborhood and school, they were filled with endless possibilities and what I now know as lifelong treasured friendships.

What I did not grow up with, were deep roots. Both of my parents were deeply rooted in Michigan, whereas when I saw my extended family it was too quick visits, and often not in the mitten. I confused having strong ties with having deep roots. My bonds are stronger than ever, my roots however are now finally beginning to grow…

When the author says he’s back where he belongs, I realized I am too. It’s a little strange to feel this deeply rooted in a place so far from all of my strongest ties. Places that include Texas, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. A place I’ve lived only a short time. A place that feels like I’ve lived here my whole life, and that I call home.



One thought on “Finally coming home…

  1. Nidhal says:

    Very we’ll said.

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