Highs for Friday, June 29th 2012!

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June 29, 2012 by dian/nna

What a month it’s been, and I’ve let the whole thing fly by and haven’t updated in far too long.  So jumping right on in…

Here’s what made me happy this week!

1.  Photos of Amir, got some good ones from the family back in the mitten this week.  He’s growing and changing and I was able to finalize my trip home in July to be a part of some of the Amir fun!Image

2.  While sitting on the porch on Wednesday, my neighbor offered me some of her FANTASTIC veggies from her AMAZING garden.  Aside from just being an incredibly nice neighborly gesture, it also made me feel like we may end up friends one day.  Not Desperate Housewives friends, perhaps, but friends non the less.  We had a rocky introduction when I moved in here, my grumpy ‘teen’ Lita, announced her presence by snaking her nose through the fence and biting the ear of my new neighbors dog.  I was mortified, and assumed the lack of interest in a friendship was highly influenced by that first week.  Nearly a year later, the friendly waves are getting more frequent, and she starts conversations with me, when I’m outside, rather then finishing them before they start by heading inside every time I appear.  So when this unsolicited offer came about, I was happily stunned.  Aside from just wanting a friendly neighbor relationship, she has gorgeous garden and I would love to be able to pick her brain and have her help me get started as well.  Something to bond over even!?  More and more she says hi when I’m out, so perhaps the ice is melting, and we’ve crossed a bridge.Image

3.  In produce related news, I have finally put Pinterest to work!  The minute I was handed the amazing produce, I knew where to turn for ideas.  I made Zucchini Stix and Sweet Onion Dip from 2 Pinterest pins I had been drooling over.  I had to mix 2 pins/recipies, and will make some further tweaks next time I make them.  I think I can health them up a bit, and improve the prep work.  In the end I was most proud of the plating stage though.Image

4.  Monday I was able to get together with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months, and tried a new restaurant/deli.  I promised myself I would frequent less chain restaurants, and discover more of what Charlotte has to offer.  I met my friend J at ‘Dean & Deluca’, now granted this is basically a chain, certainly not an original to Charlotte, it was new to me, so it counts.  Was a great day!

5.  On my way to Zumba on Tuesday, I pulled out of the driveway and discovered a gigantic bolt in my tire!  And while the annoyance and missing my class would count as 2 lows, the discovery of Discount Tire and their fix a flat free program makes this a “YAY”.  Saving me $200+ can’t be beat, and such a relief.  Plus, the multiple offers from my neighbors to help me out, was very encouraging.  I really love it here.

On to the weekend, here’s hoping for a few more highs and some A/C relaxation.  Twas 92° at 9 am this morning.  I’m going to be sweating in high gear just driving to the gym today.
Wishing you all cooling thoughts and good vibes!


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