Highs for Friday! July 27, 2012

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July 27, 2012 by dian/nna

I’ve been back from my latest visit home a full week now and hoping to catch up on lots of things all at once.  Been lots of good things this week, so I’m going to dive right in

1.  Got to spend an amazing evening with my SIL Sherry, at Motley Crue & KISS on Wednesday night.  Got there at the perfect time, had a great place to see from the lawn and got to people watch which was almost as fun as the concert itself.  Aside from the heat and the occasional bug bit, a fantastic time!

2.  Tuesday night I finally made it back to Zumba and was able to get through the whole class, hugely excited about that.  Still no major results from my workout efforts, but not giving up just yet.  Stopped off at the Matthews Farmers Market on the way home too, I can’t wait to go again on Saturday!

3.  Spend all of Thursday pretty much immobile on the couch, my bones and joints, were on fire from the long day before and the heat I suspect, but while I was stuck there I turned on “Magnum PI” on Netflix and relived some 80’s hunky goodness.  

4.  I had my 2nd tattoo removal appointment on Tuesday and was expecting intense pain like last time.  Thankfully since the 1st session was so successful this time around less intensity was needed and even the subsequent itching has lessened.  I know I can handle the upcoming appointments, and may not even need all 6.  That did not keep me from dreaming I got another tattoo last night, equally as unsatisfactory as the first.  I suspect I will always stress dream about this experience, but thankfully I will always wake up!

5.  I managed to stick to my envelope budgeting system all week, I think this will actually work and begin a new chapter in my financial life.  Fingers crossed!


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