High/Low May 18, 2012

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May 18, 2012 by dian/nna

This week was busy, for once. For someone who works from home and still feels ‘new in town’, I was out and about a lot!
But it was very good, and I had fun!
So, here we go…

My 5 highs this week…
1. Burn the Floor
I won tickets in the Mother’s Day contest with Blumenthal Performing Arts
What a show! It was Ballroom Dancing set afire! I took my friend ‘B’ with me, and because of our amazing seats i got to be a small part of the show early on when they were warning the crowd not to take photos. So fun!

2. I have finally found a salon here in my new hometown! Imagez Salon & Spa After a long search to feel as happy and comfortable as I did with Kat @Brown & Deline, I think I have found a stylist. I have a great feeling about her & she gave me pink/magenta mermaid dipped ends! I looooove the color pop and am already planning my next visit!


3. I got my 1st Birchbox this week! Came with a cute nail polish and some skin care samples. The theme this month was ‘Gossip Girl’ and I don’t watch that, but a great start to what I hope will be a long and informative relationship with the company!


4. Finished my 1st Fair Isle Project, and love the way it turned out. Need to remember the color jog at the join point, but that’s for future reference. Can’t wait to be cold enough to use them! tin


5. Completed my 2nd week of my Gym Pact, losing weight, tightening up and making money to do it, does it get better than that??

The Best Roses have the Sharpest Thorns…
1. I am still waiting on my hot tub, and getting more nervous each day, I always get this way after big purchases, so I’m only 1/2 convinced I’ll end up with a water holding ground holder in placer…

2. Not so much a low, as a delay in a high, Stewie Elmo may make his appearance a week later than expected. He’s due to arrive on the 25th, but so comfy in his current home they’ve scheduled his arrival for the 30th just in case. George & La Cage is looking dimmer & dimmer…

3. I was so excited to head to the beach this weekend and see Jackyl at the HOB in MB, but undiscovered it is bike week there and while I love bikes and the biker community can be some of the most kind and interesting folks around, I do not live traffic and there’s just the 1 road into town….Jesse James Dupree will have to wait to see me until next time…

4. The New Southerners dinner on Tuesday, was only 1/2 as cool as I thought it would be. A great talk about eating local and healthy, a note of judgement and shameless plugs were thrown in by one speaker, and it ended the evening on a down note.

5. Had to miss Trivia last night, after my fabulous and fun hair visit and an extended Target trip, (which was another high really), I was just exhausted and ready for some quiet time.

So there it is my 1st Friday 5, High Low. Thanks to Lauren @From My Grey Desk and Kate @The Small Things for the idea!


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